Online Worship

Resources below are to bring resources together onto one page, to facilitate worship at home / in a small group.

Some Sundays will have a complete Service Video. Others will provide an Order of Service for you to follow (see "Other" column in the table below for instructions on how to use Order of Service)

Due to copywrite restrictions (on songs), our licence only allows us to have a complete online service available for the week of the service. Complete Service Videos will be posted Saturday Evening (ready for Sunday), and will be taken down mid week.
Note: Other resources will continue to be available.

We pray you will enjoy worshipping God in this different way for the season we are in.

Vimeo Bush Disciples Online Service Channel available here.
Vimeo Bush Disciples Sermons Channel available here.
If you have an Apple TV, download the Vimeo App and search for Bush Disciples in the App.
Or, use your tablet to Airplay to your Apple TV

If anyone has any questions, or if you are having difficulty making it happen, please contact me to see if I can help.
God bless,


Date Complete Service Video Order Of Service (With Links) Introduction Video Message Video PowerPoint Other

Good Friday 10/04/2020

.mp4 271MB
Vimeo link


Coming soon

05/04/2020 Removed. Reached music copyright post time limit.


.mp4 223MB Vimeo link

22/03/2020   OOS 22/03/2020

Vimeo link MP3 Audio

.mp4 223MB Vimeo link

PowerPoint Instructions for using Order of Service